Media Figure Katie Hopkins Files for Insolvency

Katie Hopkins

Britain’s “most hated woman” Katie Hopkins is facing bankruptcy after she lost $239,000 in the libel case. The mother of three has hit countless headlines in the past few years, all thanks to her isolating views. In 2013, the newspaper columnist said she was going to ban her children from associating with children with names like Chantelle, Chardonnay, or Charmaine as she considered them to be of a very lower class.

Apart from that, she is also accused of her fat-shaming character on various occasion. More so, she is also charged for talking about anti-immigration, anti-Islam, and also being pro-trump. Also in the year 2017, after the bombing of Manchester, she shockingly asked for a final solution to end Islamic terror attacks. “Final solution” is a term Nazis use while referring to Holocausts.

In addition, Katie Hopkins landed in a hot fire in the year 2015, after she made some comments about Jack Monroe the known anti-poverty campaigner and food writer. Some of her comments included the time she accused Ms. Monroe of ruining a memorial related to war veterans. In the incident, it turned out to be a case of mistaken identity, but she never apologized even after deleting her tweet.

That not being the end, Ms. Monroe decided to take legal action against Ms. Hopkins where Ms. Hopkins lost the $AU 239,000 libel case, on January 2016, as the high court judge explained on how harmful the tweets had affected Ms. Monroe. Losing the case greatly affected her as she, and the family had to sell their House at $1.8 million. In 2017 November, Mail online refused to renew her contract and even before that, she was fired from LBC radio where she worked due to her response of ‘final solution’ after the Manchester attack. The above incidents affected her career and family to extent of selling her home.

Katie Hopkins has just signed for insolvency agreement in a bid to avoid bankruptcy following the libel case. She has also applied for (IVA) individual voluntary agreement which is a filing on an individual insolvency register show. From the Guardian, Monroe said that the signed agreements will assist Hopkins to avoid bankruptcy and give her time to handle the long period of debt repayments, which was a decision made by all creditors alongside the guidance of insolvency practitioners.

At the beginning of 2018, she won a complaint against the daily mirror after the website had allegations that she was taking ketamine which prevented her from leaving South Africa. Although all that happen was not according to her expectation, Katie Hopkins is trying to make everything right. She doesn’t want her children to pay for their mother’s mistake, as they she only wants a bright future for them.