5 Steps to Hiring a Team Leader


Every organization is built on teamwork. So, knowing your teammates is crucial. Insist on informal introductions which help your team member openly talk about who they are as people, what they like and don’t. Getting to know them at a slightly more personal level helps them warm up to you as a leader. If your office space is compact, look for meeting rooms space for rent that allow you greater privacy. Bonding eases the group dynamics in a work environment to achieve goals. Facilitate conversations and let them flow naturally without being overbearing. Try to gauge who can work in harmony and who need to resolve conflict and need you to build trust between them. Below are the 5 steps to hiring a team leader.

Set Goals: Have realistic goals and targets which are aligned with your organization’s larger vision and mission. Analyse individual strengths and assign roles and duties accordingly. Make smaller groups within the larger team if necessary and select a team head between a small group of 3-4 members to make it easy for you to keep track of work done. Praise achievements and smooth out rough spots gently. Maybe talk to the teammate individually and re-align their way of working for things to move forward. A meeting room space is more suitable for one-on-one communication and to keep matters confidential between executive search consultants.

Personal and Professional Equations: A team leader has to be many people at once if the situation demands – a friendly colleague, empathetic counsellor, supportive friend, a listening ear and even strictly bossy if need be. Just keep your communication channels open enough so they can reach out to you whenever needed. A team leader has to be compassionate and considerate enough to understand that they are dealing with people with different personalities, moods, emotional makeup and he needs to be able to manage all of them. In case of conflict, clear the air about past misgivings and take a fresh start based on mutual trust, respect, and harmony.

Manage Time: Time management is often underestimated and employees often take it for granted that as long as they are completing their tasks at the pace that suits them, it’s alright if they don’t meet deadlines. However, it might not be suitable for the company’s productivity so managing time becomes crucial to success. As a Team Leader, delegate duties accordingly. Re-assign teammates if needed to check who works faster and better together.

Manage Targets: This is one of the 5 steps to hiring a team leader. You have to set both individual and group targets to motivate teammates to get more competent and also instil a sense of competition to keep them focused.

Release Ambiguity and Assumptions: With set targets and work analysis of each member, there’s no room for ambiguity or assumptions. Work needs to be regularly submitted for review and excuses won’t work if you have already placed a clear picture in team meetings. Ignoring problems (both personal and professional) will only intensify them so find the root cause and move ahead. As a team leader remain motivated and set an inspiring example for the rest of the team to follow suit.
If you follow the above 5 steps to hiring a team leader you will surely enjoy as you work as executive search consultants.